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As a Home Owner, did you realize that if you leave your home unattended for certain lengths of time (depending on your Policy) without having a Home Sitter check in on your home - your Insurance Policy would not cover any damages should an unforeseen incident happen to your home while you were away.

For instance a hot water tank starts to leak while you are away on vacation and your finished basement is flooded. If you did not have anyone checking in on your home did you know your Policy will not cover any of the damages caused by this flood?

Another example would be an upstairs washing machine that you forgot to turn off before you left on vacation. The hose springs a leak and floods your upstairs and entire lower floors. Your Insurance Company will not cover costs to repair your home if no one has checked in on your home while you were away.

We, at Heavenly House Sitting & Pet Care have been able to prevent extensive damage simply by catching these incidents beforehand- simply by doing our drop-ins on these vacant homes while people were on vacation. The Insurance company was contacted and all damages were covered simply because there was documented proof that these homes were being monitored by Heavenly House Sitting and Pet Care.

We visit your home, clear newsprint from your front step, check your utility room, make sure your hot water tank is turned down to "low", check your furnace, check each floor of your home along with checking around the perimeter. Mail pick-up available. Also, watering of your indoor/outdoor plants, lawn cutting and snow removal (additional fee).

Protect your home, don't leave it alone!

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