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This service is for pet owners that would like to have one of our qualified Pet Sitters stay in a guest room in their home and care for both their home and pets.

While staying in your home, our Pet Care Specialist will maintain your pet’s routine, including exercise and medication. This creates a stress free environment for your pet and also validates your home insurance in the event of any unfortunate incident which could happen, i.e. a plumbing leak.

Our Sitter will maintain your home as you would. The Sitter will: Pick up your mail, water indoor/outdoor plants, gather newspapers/flyers, set out the trash/recycling, check your utility room and more.

Our Sitter will not be in your home 24/7 but will be there (like yourself) for all meal times, let-outs and bedtime.

If this Contract is a winter booking, and should there be snow removal required, then an additional fee will be added to your fees charged. The same goes for any landscaping duties required in the summer season.


- Up to 3 pets in one home $100.00 per night
- Check-out time is 11 a.m. or additional charge may incur.
- If the Contract is over 10 days a discount may be considered depending on time of year.
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